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One of the most distressing events in life occurs when you or a loved one is seriously injured or a family member dies as a result of an accident caused by someone else. Suddenly, life is disrupted in multiple ways. Many face the difficulty of having to deal with serious injuries while being unable to work. Medical bills and funeral expenses make the distress even worse, and, on top of that, a family motor vehicle may have been destroyed or seriously damaged, creating a transportation issue added on to of all of the other problems. What may seem to be a problem which should be solved with one call to the other person’s insurance company turns into an unpleasant and unexpected nightmare. You may be repulsed by the idea of having to “sue” because it seems like people are just sued crazy these days. What should you do?

For many people, going to Morgan Law Firm is the answer. Morgan Law Firm has the experience, integrity, and determination to help get justice for those who suffer with bodily injury or wrongful death claims. With over 30 years of experience in the practice of law, Morgan Law FIrm has hundreds of former clients who can attest to achieving a successful resolution to the legal problems they faced after being injured or having lost a loved one. It all began with a FREE consultation. And, when Morgan Law Firm agreed to take on the problem, those clients did not have to pay any upfront costs or attorneys’ fees, Morgan Law Firm financed the entire problem from beginning to end.

Some people think, why should I pay a lawyer to work on this problem, it wasn’t my fault and once the other person’s insurance company finds this out, my claim should be easy to solve. Wouldn’t it be nice if that were true? But it is not that simple. Most people find out that trying to do your own legal work is like trying to do your own dental work. The results are a lot better when you have a dentist doing the dental work, and, in a similar manner, the results are a lot better when you have a lawyer do your legal work.

What to do after a traffic accident

After a traffic accident, the most important matter is for the people involved to get out of harm’s way. Too often, people are seriously injured or die in a second collision because they did not sufficiently get out of harm’s way after the first collision. If needed, assist others to safety. Call the police. Keep in mind, most insurance companies require that you notify the police if you are involved in an accident. If you are injured, seek medical attention as soon as possible. Even the insurance websites recommend at least a visit to an emergency room or your physician as soon as possible. Notify your own insurance company and cooperate in providing truthful information to them about the accident. Photograph as much as possible of the accident scene, damage to vehicles, and any part of your body which depicts injuries such as cuts or bruises. Call Morgan Law Firm to schedule a FREE consultation about your rights.

What to bring to your first appointment

The most important items to bring to your first appointment are 1) your driver’s license or other identification, 2) information given to you after the accident either by the police or the other driver, including any card or other document which provides information on how to obtain the police report; 3) your insurance policy declarations page; 4) your health insurance identification card for your individual, group, Medi-cal or Medicare coverage, 5) the names and addresses of any hospital, doctor, chiropractor, or other health care professional who has provided services to you related to the accident; 6) photos relating to the accident; and 7) accurate details concerning the date, time, location, witnesses, and events concerning your accident.

Why is my insurance involved, I didn't cause the accident!

This question is very common. People often become defensive when asked about their insurance information, out of fear that involving their own insurance company may affect their rates or driving record. It is important to know that in California, you cannot be penalized for making a claim in reference to an accident which is not your fault.

However, California voters passed Proposition 213. With few exceptions, in order to be able to recover general damages (i.e. damages for pain, suffering, and inconvenience also called non-economic damages) you must be able to prove that a vehicle driven or owned by you was covered by a policy of automobile liability insurance in compliance with the requirements of California law at the time of the accident.

Many people purchase comprehensive and collision coverage.

If your vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance, it is generally to your advantage to have your own insurance company repair your vehicle. To start with, it is easier. Your own insurance company will pay the cost of repairs at the repair facility you choose and will normally recover your deductible for you. Any dispute between the two insurance companies over the repairs is resolved between them, normally by arbitration, and it doesn’t cost you a dime. If you go through the wrongdoer’s insurance company, you may be subjected to a grueling recorded statement which they will later try to use against you in your bodily injury claim. Any dispute with them has to go to court and you may get stuck with large legal expenses and costs in court, after you have been waiting, perhaps with no car, for a result. If you buy comprehensive insurance, many insurance carriers will, if you go to the repair facility that they designate, guarantee the repairs for the life of your vehicle. Collision coverage is a valuable piece of the solution if you want to get your vehicle fixed after an accident and get back on the road as hassle free and as quickly as possible.

Medical payments coverage

It is a mistake to assume that if you have health insurance, you don’t need medical payments coverage. There are a number of areas where the coverage of the two may not overlap. For instance, if someone dies in your motor vehicle, Medical Payments coverage (often called med-pay) can cover funeral expenses whereas health insurance does not. Medical payments coverage will cover chiropractic care; this is generally not true with health insurance plans although some do offer limited amounts of chiropractic care. If you suffer unsightly scars as a result of an accident, medical payments coverage can pay for a plastic surgeon; health insurance will generally not pay for cosmetic surgery. And what about the passengers in your car? Your health insurance will definitely not help them, but medical payments coverage can help pay for medical expenses they incur for injuries sustained while in your vehicle.

Uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage

Perhaps the single most important coverage one can purchase is uninsured motorist coverage. The statistics are alarming. A very high percentage of the drivers on the road in Southern California are driving with either no liability insurance or the minimum amount of liability insurance allowed by law. What if one of those drivers crashes into your vehicle and seriously injures a family member of yours. Are you prepared? By purchasing uninsured motorist coverage, you can purchase the coverage that the other person failed to purchase, and it can protect your family just as if the uninsured motorist had purchased the insurance himself or herself. In California, uninsured motorist coverage also includes underinsured motorist coverage. In the immediate aftermath of an accident, you may not know how much coverage is available to cover the losses you or people in your vehicle have suffered. One way, however, to know that how much potential coverage there is at a minimum is to look at your own uninsured motorist coverage and determine what the limits of coverage are. The attorneys at Morgan Law Firm will be happy to examine your policy and help you determine what coverage is available for your loss and that of those close to you.

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